#NoCommission Art Exhibition

So we checked out the #NoCommission Art Fair/Exhibition by the super producer extraordinaire ‘Kassem Dean’ also popularly known around the world by his stage name ‘Swizz Beatz’. This exhibition was in partnership with and  also sponsored by Bacardi.

The very first impression we had the minute we arrived at the venue (Southwark Arches) in Southwark South London was that nostalgic feeling all over again: a reminder of “The Red Room Exhibition” that was showcased at The Ajags Gallery. However, the thoughts were  swiftly taken over by a grand musical stage positioned in the middle of the space with a DJ set and two huge bars setup at opposite ends of the massive venue.

The Artworks were holstered in 3 arch-like tunnels, exhibiting pieces from emerging and well renowned British Artists such as Conor Harrington (pictured), D*Face, Ricardo Cavolo, Jaime Evans and many more. All the artists showcasing their work of Arts were given the exhibition space for free and 100% of the sale of each artwork goes directly to the artist. This concept aims to get rid of the ‘Middle-Man’ and connects the artist directly to the buyer/collector, somewhat similar to the TIDAL music concept.

Given the notion that “nothing is free” more so organizing an art fair in itself is not cheap when you think of the logistics in terms of the cost of the venue, hiring staff members, advertising, security and it goes on and on. One begins to ponder on the big question – So who is paying for what?

Check out his interview with BBC Fergus Nicoll here:  http://bbc.in/2hgILIW

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